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Polycarboxylic acid reducer

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PCE polycarboxylate high performance water reducer is graft copolymer of carboxylic acid polymerization,which can form stable protective layer on the surface of cement where can produce steric hindrance effect,hence it has excellent fluidity retentivity.the water reducer is above 40%,prepared with high slump and flow state in concrete and has excellent workability.


Homogeneity index






Light yellow or colourless liquid

PH Value




Retarding Time


Solid Content


Water Reduction Rate



Technology Performance

1.Low Dosage:In general,according to the cementitious materials of 1.0~3.0%

2.Good Constructability:Good slump retention sustains 1~2h,Good water retention ability and adhesion ability,making concrete have excellent workability.

3.Good Durability: Reducing the concrete water-binder ratio, improving the density anti-freezing and anti-permeability and corrosion resistance,reducing the volume shrinkage of concrete.

4.Environmental Products:No chloride, low alkali ,no pollution.

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