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water stop PVC Dwall DB250

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    Made by the choice of advanced PVC,MC PVC waterstop strips involve unique design and advanced technology,suitable for movement joints,contraction joints and construction joints of reinforced concrete buildings




  • Will accommodate movement during construction and service life
  • Ease of use simple on-site jointing
  • Full range of factory welded and fabricated intersection pieces to suit every need
  • Brass reinforced eyelets edge flanges to ensure perfect fixing
  • Approval for use in contact with potable water





    Use for construction joints and expansion jonts of sealed reinforced concrete,SHIELDER PVC waterstop strips shall be be placed in concrete t cross and cling to a gap,forming a sturdy and seamless impermeable barrier to prevent a liquid from flowing past

    The product has a variety of different shapes,For example,its middle-setting or external-setting design,in any ground of underground construction,helps from a permanent and sturdy waterproof network,especially suitable for structures of water storage and water retaining,like reservoirs,sewage pools,dams.pools,basements,tunnels,retaining walls,ect





Shape   Thermoplastic Extrusion Ribbon  
Color Blue
Hydrostatic Head 10 meters in height
Joint Displacement       10mm in width
Density 1350kg/m3
Hardness 78IRHD
Tensile Strength 15.7N/mm2
Softness 52
Elongation at Break 340%
Water Absorption 0.04%1
Toxicity Non-toxic2





    While pouring concrete,the waterstop strip must fist be fixed in a correct position,Avoid gaps or holes,You must ensure that the concrete have completely and tightly cover the waterstop strip

    On a vertical structure,fix the waterstop strip in cured concrete through reserved edge orifices so that the waterstop strip can be prevented from shifting in construction

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