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Waterproofing MC PVC Water Stop 200mm For Shearing Joint

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MC PVC waterstops are made from high quality polyvinyl chloride. To keep the good plasticity and stability, no reclaimed PVC is used. 

Our PVC waterstops are extruded in different profile types, width and thickness according to the different type of joints, such as the expansion joint, construction joint.

Many years export experience to make our products accord with your require standard, such as ASTM, BSEN, MSDS and so forth.  We look forward to helping you with your projects.



1. High tensile strength & ductility

      2. Excellent inherent elasticity to withstand shear forces laterally or transversely in the joints 
        3. Resistance to seawater, sweage, acids, chlorinated water etc. 
        4. Will NOT discolor concrete
        5. Easy to be welded and to be embedded on site






SHIELDER PVC waterstops are used in both water excluding & water retaining structures, such as:

        1. sewage treatment tanks 
        2. swimming pools 
        3. dams 
        4. reservoirs 
        5. basement structures 
        6. tunnels 
        7. Roof slabs




Shape   Thermoplastic Extrusion Ribbon  
Color Blue
Hydrostatic Head 10 meters in height
Joint Displacement       10mm in width
Density 1350kg/m3
Hardness 78IRHD
Tensile Strength 15.7N/mm2
Softness 52
Elongation at Break 340%
Water Absorption 0.04%
Toxicity Non-toxic




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